New 3D AOI K-Series Machines by Mycronic

Need one of these new 3D AOI Machines? Contact your local sales rep for a demo!

Mycronic purchased industry-leading VI Technologies to bring to market the most advanced and capable 3D AOI and 3D SPI systems. Building on the technology and reputation of VI Technologies, they released the K series 3D AOI platform and PI series SPI platform. Mycronic’s AOI and SPI platforms are compatible in any line configuration. Most importantly, they will bring a reduction of false calls and increase reliability in your process. In addition, for Mycronic placement customers, additional features enable the AOI to communicate and share some programming data with the pick and place equipment. Consequently, this helps dramatically to reduce programming time and streamline the process.

To enable reliable data capture and high-resolution 3D visualization, the K series expands defect coverage using a combination of 2D texture and shadow-free 3D Inspection. This is made possible through innovative technologies including a state-of-the-art camera, 3D sensor, powerful laser, and motion system technologies.

Demos of this K series AOI System from Mycronic are available upon request. Please reach out to your local sales rep for information or questions.

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