New 3D AOI K-Series Machines by Mycronic

3D AOI Mycronic Flyer

Need one of these new 3D AOI Machines? Contact your local sales rep for a demo! Mycronic purchased industry-leading VI Technologies to bring to market the most advanced and capable 3D AOI and 3D SPI systems. Building on the technology and reputation of VI Technologies, they released the K series 3D AOI platform and PI […]

Distributor Line Card

Distributor Line Card For Powell Industries Inc. Take a look at the companies that we partner with.  Click here Categories     |     Alphabetical Categories Adhesives & Chemicals AIM Alpha Metals Chemtronics Dow Corning GC Electronics GE Silicones Humiseal Hysol Indium JNJ Kester Kyzen Loctite MG Chemicals Microcare Puretronics Techspray Zestron Benches, Carts […]

VI Technology

Capital Lines AOI What is VI Technology? Vi Technology is a subsidiary of Mycronic. VI Technology focuses on developing solutions designed to improve SMT Production Line performance They provide An innovative process improvement software, SIGMA Link, coupled with two high performance sensors, from PI Series (3D SPI) and K Series3D (3D AOI) products families, allow […]