Capital Lines Humidity Cabinets What is AccuAssembly? AccuAssembly is our supplier for Humidity Cabinets. Their various Dry cabinets feature humidity ranges going from 50%RH down to 1%RH.  Most of their Dry Cabinets meet or even exceed the requirements of the IPC and Jedec J-STD-033, except for their A1M and A20M Cabinets which are suitable for […]

Distributor Line Card

Distributor Line Card For Powell Industries Inc. Take a look at the companies that we partner with.  Click here Categories     |     Alphabetical Categories Adhesives & Chemicals AIM Alpha Metals Chemtronics Dow Corning GC Electronics GE Silicones Humiseal Hysol Indium JNJ Kester Kyzen Loctite MG Chemicals Microcare Puretronics Techspray Zestron Benches, Carts […]