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What is AccuAssembly?

AccuAssembly is our supplier for Humidity Cabinets. Their various Dry cabinets feature humidity ranges going from 50%RH down to 1%RH. 

Most of their Dry Cabinets meet or even exceed the requirements of the IPC and Jedec J-STD-033, except for their A1M and A20M Cabinets which are suitable for storing items and materials which need a higher humidity level that those meeting the J-STD-033 specification.

All cabinets are supplied with Humidity Manager Software so that humidity and temperature conditions inside the cabinets can be monitored and saved to the software, colored graphs drawn and the data used for validating processes and showing compliance to standards. Cabinets are supplied with an anti-static package, adjustable shelves, wheels ( except the F1-200 benchtop), locking doors, decimal digital display, count down calibration reminder, sensors with 2% accuracy.

AccuAssembly also offers custom cabinets with RH ranges from under 1% to 50%. Custom-designed cabinets to the user’s specification can be manufactured to meet the most demanding applications. Cabinets can be supplied in painted anti-static finishes, regular finishes, or stainless steel.

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