Powell Industries is ISO Certified!

We are please to announce that since April of 2022, Powell Industries is ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2015 to be more precise). What does being ISO Certified mean? When it comes to ISO 9001:2015 certification, it means Powell Industries was able to prove to the ISO organization that we are able to meet the following criteria […]

NEW – Lock your solder prices today!

We know the prices of solder have been going through the roof and that the costs have increased by over 230% over the past 18 months! That’s why we’re starting something unique that nobody else in the industry is doing right now… We’re allowing you to lock your solder prices with us. Since we manufacture […]

[60% off sale] Static Control products

We’re excited about this huge 60% Off Sale! The following items will be on sale as long as supplies last: D301218 (Dri Shield 3000 Metalized Barrier Bag/6.1 Mil  12×18  CUSTOM, 1,000 PIEC… 2385-3M (3M Metal Wrist Band, Medium) 2384 (Desco 2384 Metal Wrist Band, Small) 91070. (DESCO – WRIST STRAP, PREMIUM METAL EXP ADJ 6FT […]

[70% Off Sale] Tweezers, Pliers, and Cutting tools

We’re excited about this huge 70% Off Sale! This is our biggest tweezers sale, pliers sale, and cutting tool sale! The following items will be on sale as long as supplies last: EP5-MG-EG (Edsyn – Swiss Medical Grade Tweezers with extra fine tips, high precis…  EPAA-SA-EG. (Edsyn Swiss Tweezers with Straight Tips, Med. Points and […]

New 3D AOI K-Series Machines by Mycronic

3D AOI Mycronic Flyer

Need one of these new 3D AOI Machines? Contact your local sales rep for a demo! Mycronic purchased industry-leading VI Technologies to bring to market the most advanced and capable 3D AOI and 3D SPI systems. Building on the technology and reputation of VI Technologies, they released the K series 3D AOI platform and PI […]

New Disinfecting Wipes Options!

You can now get our disinfecting wipes in two new packaging options, including a new canister option! Our wipes are 6.5″ x 5.5″ and there are 100 wipes in each tub! Wipes are also non-woven and lint free. Bulk price discounts are also available! Call your local sales representative or (425) 226-4594 to get more […]

Get a 30 Day Free Trial on JBC’s New Nano Hot Air Station!

We’re excited to be introducing the new Nano Hot Air Station from JBC! Here are some awesome new features of this system that we’re excited about! JBC has an exclusive system enables the regulation of temperatures and air at very low levels in order to avoid the movement of adjoining components. JBC also offers two […]

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