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What is Hentec Industries/RPS?

Since the 1990’s Hentec/RPS has been designing and manufacturing a complete line of high precision selective soldering machines, lead tinning equipment, and solderability test machines.

This includes component testing along with steam aging equipment for electronics and circuit board manufacturing and assembly.

Hentec Industries/RPS Automation stands apart for high-quality soldering, precision robotics, low-maintenance machinery, extensive warranty coverage, long-lasting quality, and durability. Hentec/RPS systems set the standard for thermal performance, keep-away, wave height, solder stability, and software ease-of-use.

Hentec Industries/RPS’ made in the USA products provide superior soldering capabilities with leading Thermal Performance. Their accuracy, repeatability, and high precision machines make producing high-quality products easy. Hentec Industries’ low consumables, low dross, and low maintenance machines, coupled with their easy programming will be a valuable asset to your Production Line.

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