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What is PDR?

PDR designs, manufactures, and distributes IR Rework Stations, Industrial X-Ray Inspections Systems, and IR Thermal Test equipment for the electronics component and PCB assembly industry. Based in the UK and USA, they also have regional technology centers in France and India.

PDR IR Rework Products are precision engineered using only the finest components for optimum performance, PDR BGA Rework Stations are some of the best available worldwide. Loaded with advanced features, PDR SMD QFN LED Rework Stations deliver many benefits including the highest performance and soldering quality available anywhere.

PDR X-Ray Inspection Systems offer “best in class” image detail as a result of proprietary X-Ray Tube Technology and Imaging Software. Analyze BGA’s, QFN’s, Lead Attach, Wire Sweeps, and more, or you can request specialized software tools designed specifically for your application. Choose from 90kV, 110kV, 0r 130kV systems equipped with Flat Panel Detector Systems or traditional Image Intensifiers.

All PDR 2D X-Ray systems are 4 axis programmable for routine driven inspections or as a simple-to-operate “quick inspection ready” system. Designed with both the operator and management in mind, PDR X-Ray Systems are upgradeable from 90-130kV X-Ray Tubes without having to change cabinets, saving you money as your needs change. Made in America to exacting specifications, PDR X-Ray systems are built to International X-Ray Safety standards.

PDR IR Thermal Test, introduced in 2017, offers benchtop solutions for precisely controlled Design Validation and Characterization testing of components, PCB assemblies as well as specialist thermal testing of other semiconductor devices, solder joints, plastics, ceramics, and more.

PDR was formed in 1985 by Philip Gibbs, David Lowrie, and Roger Gibbs, and their first pioneering IR system was launched in 1987. Over 35 years later, PDR is still at the forefront of SMD rework, X-Ray, and Test technologies.

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