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Adjustable Premium Wrist Strap

ACL Premium Wrist Straps offer all-day comfortable and security. Ideal for when personal grounding is required full time.

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ACL Premium Wrist Straps offer all-day comfort and security for working on electronics in EPAs.

The Premium Wrist Strap features cushy flexable elastic and a “flip and grip” buckle for secure adjustments. The static dissipative nylon buckle features a hypoallergenic jewelry-grade stainless steel back plate and a 4mm stud. ACL’s RoHS compliant wrist strap and cord systems offer one to five pounds of breakaway force.

•Recommended for all-day wear
•Lined with 10 rows of micro-threaded silver yarn
•Interior resistance: ≤ 100 kohm @ 7-30v dc open circuit
•Exterior resistance: ≥10 mohms @ 7-30v dc open circuit
•2.5 mm band thickness for added softness, security, and contact
• Use with 8107 ACL Premium Wrist Strap Cord, 4mm
•Light blue

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Weight 2 lbs