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Digital Microscope Cyclops 2.0 HDMI + USB [13x to 140x] with 4x Lens

This innovative digital microscope features built-in HDMI and USB outputs with 4x objective lens, and allows operators to view images on a monitor or PC – or both simultaneously.   Features a built-in MicroSD card slot for capturing instant image/video files with no PC required.  Includes advanced imaging and measurement software.  Includes the Cyclops stand with fine focus adjustment, 4x objective lens, and the Cyclops IR remote control.*monitor not included*

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Over-Engineered, Not Overpriced

Aven’s Cyclops 2.0 is the latest addition to the Cyclops line of digital microscopes. It combines advanced digital microscope technology with ease-of-use in one compact device. View your inspection on your monitor.  Reduce eye strain and neck fatigue.

This innovative digital microscope connects directly to a HD monitor as
well as to a computer, or both simultaneously.  Magnification ranges up to 140x.
Image capture software provided with Cyclops includes measurement and
editing tools. For PC Cam use, the software offers Compare mode,
Measurement mode and Device Control mode. This breakthrough instrument increases accuracy
and productivity while easing eye strain and user fatigue – valuable
benefits in high-volume applications, such as parts inspection in
assembly operations.Built-In MicroSD Card SlotSave instant high resolution images and videos directly to a MicroSD card, without the need to connect to a computer. (Supports up to a 128GB capacity card, not included).  Adjustable Illumination

LED illumination with adjustable intensity controls give operators a variety of lighting options for their applications.

Adjustable Stand

The included 11 inch aluminum stand provides a large working distance.

Remote Control

Control the Cyclops’ features such as focus and lighting with the infrared remote control.

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Weight 2.5 lbs