Digital Microscope Cyclops HDMI [12x-132x] with 4x Lens

Cyclops digital microscope with built in HDMI output and 4x objective lens. View images directly from your HD capable monitor.  HDMI model only.  Not compatible with computers. Magnification ranges up to 132x on a 21.5″  HD monitor.*monitor not included*

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Cyclops Digital Microscope


HDMI Output Provides High Definition Picture Quality

View your inspection on your monitor.  Reduce eye strain and neck fatigue.

This innovative inspection scope connects directly to a monitor through a convenient 1080p HDMI output allowing operators to see high quality images while looking straight ahead at a large screen, rather than hunching over narrow microscope eyepieces. A large working distance and 30 LEDs that can be adjusted for intensity allow examination of objects of various sizes. Magnification ranges up to 132x on a 21.5″ HD monitor.


Convenient HDMI Output

HDMI output allows operators to connect their Cyclops to an HD monitor to study 1080p images. Reduce the fatigue associated with frequent microscope use.** Monitor Not Included

Capture stunning images

2 megapixel sensor provides operators with exceptionally crisp, high resolution images.

Control the brightness of 30 LED Lights

LED illumination with adjustable intensity controls give operators a variety of lighting options for their applications.

Heavy Duty Stand

The included aluminum stand provides a large working distance.

Control Your Settings

Control the Cyclops’ features such as focus and lighting with the infrared remote control.

Upgrade your Cyclops

Aven features a variety of stands and lenses to enhance your Cyclops inspection system.  Improve your working distance and benchtop space with the adjustable Cyclops Articulating Arm Stands (available in 17 inch and 12 inch models).

Need a closer look?  Consider the Cyclops 10x Objective lens – offering up to 960x magnification.

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Weight 2.5 lbs