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Dual Function Bench Fan & Smoke Absorber

Dual functions: Circulates cool air, and can be used to absorb the smoke generated from soldering applications .  Features an adjustable metal stand and adjustable speed settings.  Includes 1 carbon filter.

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Compact & space-saving, Aven’s Dual Function Bench Fan & Smoke Absorber is a versatile tool for any work bench.  Use as a standard fan, or flip around to use the solder smoke absorption features.  Includes 1 carbon filter to absorb solder smoke.  Ideal for soldering applications. The unit can be tilted along the adjustable metal stand for the ideal angle.


Can be used as a bench fan or solder smoke extractor

Compact & space-saving
Adjustable speed settings
Adjustable metal stand

Includes carbon filter for absorbing solder smoke

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Weight 2.5 lbs