Eye Loupe Inspection Goggles with LEDs [6x – 25x]

Aven’s Eye Loupe Inspection Goggles are designed for comfortable up-close inspection.  The frames feature bright LEDs for applications where additional illumination is required.  This set includes 6 pairs of interchangeable lenses, providing a magnification range of 6x – 25x.

Lens Magnification

Working Distance
62mm / 2.44″
50mm / 1.96″
33mm / 1.3″
25mm / 0.98″
20mm / 0.79″

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Ergonomic Up-Close Inspection
This innovative magnifier system is designed for up-close and inspection, with a magnification range of 6x – 25x. With the eye loupes attached to the frames, operators can bring objects up to their eyes rather than constantly bending over to view objects.

Innovative and Customizeable
Aven’s Eye Loupe Inspection Goggles can be customized for operator comfort. The stems can be lengthened and shortened to the required length, and the lens barrels can be adjusted vertically for comfortable use. The lens barrels can also be flipped upwards, so the operator does not need to repeatedly remove the goggles when not in use.

6 Pairs of Lenses Included
Up To 25x Magnification

This system includes 6 pairs of auxiliary lenses, offering the flexibility to choose your magnification. See the Optical Information tab to review magnification and working distance data.

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.25 × 3.25 in