The 5074 Staticide® Static Dissipative ESD Gray Wastebasket controls static by reducing charge-generation in any environment that has an ESD-sensitive area.

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The 5075 Staticide® Static Dissipative ESD Gray Wastebasket serves as an excellent choice for environments such as clean rooms, manufacturing facilities, inspection areas, quality control stations, and research industries where managing static electricity is essential. Crafted from durable high-density polyethylene, this wastebasket effectively dissipates static electricity and avoids generating frictional charges. It is free from carbon, dyes, or additives that might shed or release gases, ensuring compatibility with all applications requiring cleanliness.

· Gray linear high-density polyethylene
· 13″ diameter rim x 21.75″ high
· 11-gallon container
· Resistance measures 10e9 – 10e11 ohms @ 100v
· Anti-static liners are available in 24″ x 33″ pink and black (1.5 mil thickness)

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Weight 16 lbs