Open Metal-In Static Shielding Bags 6″ X 10″ bags, 2.8 mil

(Sold in packs of 500)

Protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge with this open-top ESD bag. re effective for quick loading and emptying.

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Open-top ESD bags provide heavy-duty protection from damaging electrostatic discharge and are ideal for quick loading and emptying. The three-layer metalized bag is comprised of a static dissipative polyethylene (inner), aluminum (middle), and static dissipative polyester (outer).

· 2.8 mil thickness ±10% (according to ASTM D374)
· Surface resistance (outside and inside)< 10e11 ohms (ANSI/ESD STM 11.11)
· Static shielding <15nJ (ANSI/ESD-STM 11.31)
· Meets ANSI/ESD S541
· ESD logo and date-coded for traceability
· RoHS compliant

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Weight 8 lbs