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SURLY Soap Mini

Powell is proud to introduce a new family of products to our catalog, Surly Soap, the Soap with an Attitude! Grab the bar of soap that works as hard as you. 3 different levels of aggression are designed for any substance, surface, and hand sensitivity. It’s time to get SURLY and leave work behind.

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A universal hand soap engineered to remove stubborn compounds.  Stands up to any element you put it against.

SURLY soaps are embedded with a full-size, tough, scrubbing pad in every bar. Features a built-in finger rail for those hard-to-reach areas.

SURLY Soap exfoliates and moisturizes to rejuvenate your hands. Engineered to clean and rejuvenate hands/You’re only left with a fresh scent.


Designed to outwork and outlast other hand cleaners. SURLY soaps work as hard as you without needing harsh chemicals to clean your hands.


SURLY soaps come in 3 different levels of aggression. They are designed for any job, surface and hand sensitivity.

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