ProVue Solas Magnifying Lamp XL35 with Interchangeable 5-Diopter Lens [2.25x]

Aven’s ProVue Solas XL35 model offers the flexibility of using the included 5-Diopter lens (2.25x magnification), or an optional 3-Diopter lens (1.75x magnification, sold separately).

Features 60 ultra bright SMD LEDs with brightness controls, a fully enclosed spring-balanced arm, protective lens cover, and a heavy-duty table clamp.

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Why Settle For One Magnification Range?

Aven’s ProVue Solas magnifying lamps give users the flexibility of selecting between two crystal clear lenses:

5-Diopter (2.25x Magnification) – Item # 26501-RL5D (Included)

3-Diopter (1.75x Magnification) – Item # 26501-RL3D (Sold Separately)

Select the right lens for the right application without having to keep multiple magnifying lamps on hand.

Sleek Design, Cutting-Edge Flexibility

5″ interchangeable 5-Diopter glass lens (Optional 3-diopter lens, part # 26501-RL3D, sold separately)

Swivel-motion allows the lamp to be angled to the ideal position

Covered spring-balanced arm prevents pinching hazards

Touch-sensitive brightness controls

No exposed springs

Max reach: 36″

Adjustable Lighting

ProVue Solas Magnifying Lamps offer adjustable brightness controls, giving operators flexible lighting options for their applications.

Touch buttons control the intensity of 60 ultra-bright SMD LEDs

Max illumination: 800lm

Color: white light

Lamp Positioning

Adjust the lamp tension knob to set your preferred lamp position

Rotate the lamp head to the preferred angle

Stays in place in any position

Heavy Duty Table Clamp

Includes a heavy-duty mounting clamp

Securely mounts to the side of your work bench.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs