Sirrus Task Light LED High Intensity Fixed Focus with 500mm Flex Arm and Mounting Clamp

LED lamp with fixed focus head, mounting clamp, 20” Flexible Gooseneck Coated Arm and high intensity energy saving, eco friendly LED.

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Sirrus Task Light LED High Intensity Fixed Focus with 500mm Flex Arm and Mounting Clamp
Our new Sirrus LED Task Light is designed to provide high efficiency & powerful lighting. It features low power consumption with extra long service life.

The Sirrus LED Task Light integrates many outstanding features making it popular for many locations, such as machines, assembly stations, office and inspection locations and precision working.

The soft, even area illumination is ideal for close-up applications that require more than a focused beam. Output ranges from 4100 lux at 1 foot distance to 1070 lux at 2 feet.

PROTECTIVE SWITCH COVERThe On/Off switch is located conveniently on the head of the light providing easy access for operators.

The flexible gooseneck arm is made of spring steel covered with vinyl to protect it from grease, oil, and contaminants that would weaken its holding ability.

Mounting Clamp
Includes metal clamp excellent for workbench mounting.

Optional Magnetic Base
Optional magnetic base allows for secure yet mobile placement on magnetic surfaces such as metal benches or cabinets.


500mm(19.5”) industrial grade flexible gooseneck coated arm
Arm stays set in any position to provide direct light where needed
High intensity energy saving LED
Cool operating temperature
Exceptionally long LED element life (minimum 20,000 hours)
Ideal for assembly, workshop or office applications
Mounting Clamp allows for easy attachment to desk and bench tops

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Weight 2.5 lbs