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USB Digital Microscope 5M Mighty Scope [10x-200x] NIR

Aven’s Mighty Scope 5M Digital Microscope features 10x-50x optical magnification, up to 200x digital magnification with 6 LED lights operating at Near Infra Red frequencies, 850nm. A metal stand and image capture and measurement software are included. 30-day money back guarantee. Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.Note: macOS Catalina and above is not supported

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Mighty Scope NIR 5M

Aven’s NIR Mighty Scope enables operators to examine and differentiate NIR reflective and non-reflective objects and surfaces under magnification for unique contrast analysis without the damaging heat and disruptive glare and traditional lighting. This makes it an indispensable analytical tool in law enforcement forensics, biomedical tissue analysis and pharmaceutical/chemical component differentiation as well as the inspection and documentation of fine arts and antiquities. Magnification is easily controlled by moving the Mighty Scope in relation to the object being viewed. A large focus control knob and a built-in LED brightness control wheel provide easy and consistent lighting and focusing adjustments. Includes feature-packed software package.

High magnification, exceptional clarity

10x to 50x optical magnification 200x.

Have it allBuilt-in snapshot button.  Instant image capture at the push of a button.Light Adjustment Knob controls the illumination of 6 onboard SMD LED lightsFocus wheel with adjustment markers allows you to obtain a crisp, focused image at any magnification rangeezImageX3 Software helps you to Measure, Annotate and Analyze with EaseCreate written reports that include the raw data, plus the images involved. ezImageX3 Software allows you to view images from a camera or a saved folder. These can be viewed, replayed and analyzed.NIR LED Lights6 LED lights operating at Near Infra Red frequencies allow users to examine and differentiate NIR reflective and non-reflective objects[

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