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Selective Soldering and Lead Thinning

Selective solder remains one of the fastest ROI pieces of equipment in electronics manufacturing. Let RPS and Powell Industries show you how to cut costs and improve your margin by reducing labor costs, solder costs, consumables costs as well as rework.

RPS has models ranging from entry-mid level as well as high-speed production equipment. RPS’s Vector 300, 460, and 600 series machines handle low to mid-volume while their Valance 2508 and 3508 are designed for high volume soldering. With manufacturing in Spokane WA, factory visits are easy!

RPS Offers mid-high volume lead tinning equipment as well. RPS’s Odyssey line of lead thinners offers a wide range of capabilities for the most challenging lead tinning requirements. Our equipment can strip, flux, tin, re-tin, and solderability test electronic components with high repeatability and durability. Let us answer any questions you have about the lead tinning process and how it can be a great source of
revenue as well as a solution to challenging projects.

Let us show you selective solder/lead thinning is the equipment you’re missing. Schedule a free consultation with Powell Industries and RPS. Call Today!