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[70% Off Sale] Tweezers, Pliers, and Cutting tools

We’re excited about this huge 70% Off Sale! This is our biggest tweezers sale, pliers sale, and cutting tool sale! The following items will be on sale as long as supplies last:

EP5-MG-EG (Edsyn – Swiss Medical Grade Tweezers with extra fine tips, high precis… 
EPAA-SA-EG. (Edsyn Swiss Tweezers with Straight Tips, Med. Points and Red Ergo G… 
KP7137-EG (Edsyn Tapered Slim Short Nose Ultra Flush Cutter with Ergro Handle, St… 
EPOC-SA-EG (Edsyn Swiss Tweezer with Straight tips, Fine Points, and Red Ergo Grip… 
EP4-SA-SW (Edsyn – Tweezer)
EP15AGW-EG (Edsyn Angled Head Cutting Swiss Tweezers with Red Ergo Grip; L:4.5′) 
EP330A-EG (Edsyn – Straight Stainless-Steel Probe with Blue Ergo Grip 5.75′) 
EP2-MG-EG (Edsyn – Swiss Medical Grade tweezers with Tapered Tips, Fine Points an… 
TL SM111-SA (Lindstrom – SMD grooved tips for 5mm chips) 
EP159A-EG (Edsyn Swiss Tweezers with Carbofib Tips and Red Ergo Grip; L: 5.0′, Ti… 
EPSSF-SA-EG (Edsyn – Tweezer with Ergo Grip)
EP3-MG-EG (Edsyn – Swiss Medical Grade Tweezers with Straight Tips, fine Points a… 
KP7182-EG. (Edsyn Static Safe Angled Ultra Flush 45 degree End Cutter with Ergo H… 
EV227B-EG (Edsyn – Pin Vise with Ergo Grip, Chuck Opening .025′ 
KP44A-EG (Edsyn Small Chain Nose Plier with Smooth Jaws and Ergo Handle; Static S… 
XST 1020 (Apex XST 1020 Xcelite No. 2 Phillips® x 10′ Super-tru Tip SD) 
101S (Apex 101S Xcelite 5′ Wire Stripper & Cutter) 
41294 (Craftsman No. 1 x 3 in. Screwdriver, Phillips) 
EPM5-SA-SW (Edsyn – Miniature Swiss Tweezers with extra fine tips, high precision… 
EP3C-SA-EG (Edsyn – Swiss Tweezer with Straight Tips, Fine Points, and Ergo Grips) 
8146 (Lindstrom – Micro-Bevel, small tapered and relieved cutter) 
KP47-S (Edsyn – Needle Nose Plier, smooth jaw) 
KP7130-EG (Edsyn Full Flush Cutter) 
41066 (Deluxe Retractable Blades 2/PK, Tubed (For Knife 12048) (41066) (Shelf Pac… 
EP5B-SA-SW (Edsyn Tweezer 5B-SA) 
KP7893-EG (Edsyn – Plier) 
10313 (Aven Pliers Bent Nose XL, 6in, SM, Std Hdle) 
44045 (BLADE SCALPEL #23) 
44033 (Aven 44033 #32 stainless steel scalpel Blade handle) 
EP4-SA-EG (Edsyn – Swiss Tweezers with Tapered Tips, Fine Points, and Ergo Grips 
EP160 (Edsyn Tweezer) 
7SASL (Erem – Tweezers, Stainless Steel, Curved Point, Made in Italy) 
10946 (Bondhus Allen Wrench Set) 
GEN 300ME (General 300ME Ruler 6′ 1/2′ W) 
44032 (Aven 44032 #32 Scalpel Blade Handle) 
EP330B-EG (Edsyn – Angled Stainless-Steel Probe with Blue Ergo Grip L: 5.75 in) 
01710 (#9 Single Edge Blade 10/pk (40009) (Shelf Pack 12)) 
EV227A-EG (Edsyn – Pin Vise with Ergo Grip – Chuck Opening .015 
XST 102 (Apex Xcelite #2 4′ Blade) 
X217 (X-acto #17 blade, 5/pk card) 
333069 (Wera Ball Driver (Vario Bits) 3/32′ & 7/64′) 
GEN 83P (General – Replacement point only for 83 scribers) 

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