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Is your purchasing always a headache? Then we’re here to help! Our whole purpose is to make sure that you never have to worry about lying down ever again. And if you’re in the electronics industry, you also get to benefit from our 29 year-expertise in the electronics industry!



5 face masks on a black bacground

Adhesives & Chemicals

Multiple chemicals and adhesive on a cart

Benches, Carts & Chairs

White professional bench


Red and White Sale sign

First Aid

First Aid kit

Hand Tools &
Production Supplies

Thin tweezers on a blue background


Screws, nuts and bolts

Industrial Products

A black and green Power Drill


A janitorial cart with a yellow trash bin

Microscopes &
Inspection Aids

Microscope with three lenses

Packing & Shipping

Multiple packing and shipping supplies on a yellow background

SMT & Capital Equipment

Green printed circuit board

Solder Paste, Wire & Bar

Solder paste, solder wire, and green solder paste

Soldering & Rework

A person holding a soldering iron soldering a chip on a blue circuit board

Static Control Products

A cardboard box with a yellow ESD sign

Test Equipment

A yellow voltmeter with red and black cables connected to it sitting on a blueprint