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How is buying with Powell Industries different?

What does Powell Industries do?

Powell Industries provides products and services to the Electronics Industry. These products and services are used by companies that manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards. 

The people at Powell Industries make things happen.

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Why Powell Industries?

For over 20 years the people at Powell Industries have been saving our customers time and money by consulting with them on new and innovative ways to manufacture PCB’s. We solve your process problems with our products and services.

Customer Service

For our customer we find them the right combination of products and services that make our customers professional life better. For our suppliers we stock and supply their products to the end user in a way that makes the most favorable impression about their products.

For our Capital Equipment Principles we become an integral local extension of them to all of the Northwest customers with comprehensive marketing and technical support.

How can we help?

Can you really count on us?

Employee Values

For our employees we lead by an example of hard work, honesty and integrity at all times and in all places. Their future is counting on it.

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We want to make our customer’s lives as easy as possible. If there’s a product that you need that you can’t find in our catalog, email us and we will find the cheapest way to get it to you and send you a quote. 

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