Get a 30 Day Free Trial on JBC’s New Nano Hot Air Station!

Get a 30 Day Free Trial on JBC's New Nano Hot Air Station!

We’re excited to be introducing the new Nano Hot Air Station from JBC! Here are some awesome new features of this system that we’re excited about!

JBC has an exclusive system enables the regulation of temperatures and air at very low levels in order to avoid the movement of adjoining components.

JBC also offers two easily interchangeable cartridge sizes with outlet diameters of 1 and 1.5 mm. This makes it the perfect station for an easy and high-precision reworking of components as small as 01005, even under the magnifying glass.

We’re also really excited to be able to offer a 30 Day Free Trial on these new stations! Reach out to your Powell representative or call the number on this website to get more information on how to benefit from this offer!