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What is Heller Industries?

Heller Industries was founded in 1960 and pioneered convection reflow soldering in the 1980s. Over the years, Heller has partnered with its customers to continually refine the systems to satisfy advanced application requirements.

Heller Industries is the market leader in reflow oven technology, supplies solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. They provide continuity in sales, engineering, and support for the life of your system with a single point of contact and a fast-moving, knowledgeable service organization. Their reliability is one reason Heller has grown so steadily over the years, particularly in global markets, where business relationships require years of commitment.

Heller uses advanced manufacturing and production systems to supply both standard and special ovens cost-efficiently, with rapid delivery.

They use the most advanced production systems available. Heller’s ISO 9001 program uses a Quality Assurance protocol to track field experience worldwide, delivering immediate feedback to engineering. On the factory floor, employee empowerment ensures that product or process improvements are documented, communicated, and implemented. The interaction of these processes has led them to produce equipment characterized by on-time delivery, long-term reliability, and high-yield production.

All their oven advantages: lower operating costs, greater flexibility, reduced maintenance, higher throughput… makes your process more efficient. This enables you to deliver the quality, and meet deadlines, demanded by your customers. When you select capital equipment from a market leader, the machinery, and the people behind it, become your competitive weapon.

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