Who is Mycronic?

Mycronic is a Swedish high-tech company that has been active in the electronics industry for more than 40 years. Their global organization with subsidiaries, agents and distributors supports industry leaders in more than 50 countries. Their global footprint ensures that they have a deep market understanding and can provide rapid support for all of their customers who rely on an efficient production.

In a world driven by extremely fast technological change, Mycronic’s innovations enables the electronic industry to be in the forefront. In fact, for producers of advanced flat screen displays, their technology is indispensable.

The same holds true for some of the most agile and responsive electronics manufacturers, who use their solutions to produce a wide variety of the most complex electronic circuit boards in the world. And the automotive industry rely on their highly automated production systems to assemble and test the camera modules used for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) used in modern cars. With their ultra-high precision die bonders, Mycronic supports the manufacturing of optoelectronics, driving high-speed optical communication networks globally.

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