E-Z Pik Tweezers 2A Black

Color coated for BLACK easy identification. Tapered, Flat tips. Anti-magnetic, anti-acid 304 series stainless steel. Good for assembly, rework, repair, component handling

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E-Z Pik tweezers feature a highly durable special coating for high visibility and easy identification. Operators can quickly identify the tweezers they need for their particular operation and engineers can easily specify tweezers to be used for a particular process by identifying the color, rather than the pattern of tweezers. E-Z Pik tweezers will help improve productivity and process control. Available in six popular styles: AA (Yellow); OO (Red): #2A (Black); #3c (Light Blue); #5 (Green); #7 (Orange). Tweezers are manufactured from Anti-Acid, Anti-Magnetic Stainless Steel.

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Weight 2.5 lbs